Sketch 47 轻量易用的矢量设计工具


Sketch 是一款Mac上小巧但功能强大的矢量绘图软件,最新版本,增加了大量新的功能,尤其是Sketch Mirror,相比其他的矢量绘图软件,比如AI,Sketch的优点在于使用简单,学习曲线低,让我们能够用Sketch快速的绘制图形,可以说是轻量级的 AI,Sketch 提供了基本的形状,支持自动切图,PDF、EPS、SVG等格式文件的导入和导出,并且增加了移动设计模板,非常适合进行网站设计。


  • Improved performance for shadows in complex documents
  • Improved performance when editing nested symbols
  • Improved appearance of nested symbols, text styles, and shared styles so that they’re no longer nested within superfluous submenus
  • The shortcut for inserting a new point mid-way between two existing points in the vector editor has changed from Command-click to Shift-click
  • The “iOS UI Design” document is now a built-in Library, updated for iOS 11 and iPhone X, and makes use of our new Smooth Corners feature
  • Individual layers can now be exported using the Command-E shortcut
  • Added artboard presets for iPhone X and iPhone 8


  • Fixed a bug where exporting and re-importing some bitmaps to Sketch would adjust their gamma and then render them incorrectly on macOS 10.13 High Sierra
  • Fixed a bug where the Inspector could be truncated depending on your scroll bar preference
  • Fixed a bug where an overridden symbol instance wouldn’t reflect changes to its master if both were located on the same page
  • Fixed a bug where pasting symbol instances into their master would duplicate the symbol
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when editing certain symbol overrides
  • Fixed a bug where adjusting the border thickness on lines would offset their paths
  • Fixed a bug where creating a slice via the Export toolbar item would include any hidden layers within its bounds
  • Fixed a bug where layer selection handles wouldn’t be hidden when adjusting the Radius slider
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when opening some documents
  • Fixed a bug where the toolbar would not remain hidden between documents
  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur with the Organize Shared Styles dialog
  • Fixed a bug where the color picker could pick the wrong color from a bitmap if any guides were visible
  • Fixed a bug that prevented documents containing certain colors from being uploaded to Sketch Cloud on macOS 10.13 High Sierra





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